Little Leadership Academy

Dear Caring Parent:
The first question you should have on your mind is: Why Little Leadership Academy?
Your Child is the most valuable part of your life. And because you love them so much, you want them to have the best things in life. You may buy them the best coats, clothes, and shoes. If your children are like mine, they quickly grow out of these things. Isn’t it time you gave them something, they can grow into?
Little Leadership Academy allows your child a unique opportunity to grow into the person for which God intended them to be. L.L.A. provides a safe environment that cultivates high academic achievement and the foundation for strong spiritual formation. 
Your baby is precious! In the world today, you want to know that your little one is not in an environment where any thing goes or in the hands of those not responsible enough to properly care for your child.
You deserve peace of mind. They deserve peace of mind. Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me!” When you decide for your child to attend Little Leadership Academy, you decide to leave them in the safe, nurturing, forming hands of Jesus. Our teachers and staff represent the loving hands of Christ while providing your child safety and protection physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to give the necessary push toward academic excellence, and to shape a strong spiritual foundation.
We hope you believe with us that your child is your most worthy investment.
Looking forward to serving you and your child,
Robert L. Young Jr. & Rebecca G. Young