At Little Leadership Academy Preschool we believe that ultimately the teachers are the living curriculum. What they say and what they do will be one of your child’s greatest influences so we take their role very seriously. However, taking their role seriously does not mean learning shouldn’t be fun. We go to great lengths to write lesson plans that have fun activities planned in them and that give children a chance to explore and opportunities to create and share and discover. Teachers direct children toward learning academically, socially, and spiritually while being aware of their growth physically, mentally and emotionally.

Lesson plans are written around a daily schedule created to give children times of active work and times of rest. They are also written with a variety of activities in mind that teach to the four major learning styles - kinesthetic, auditory, visual and tactile.
Classrooms for ages two, three, and four-year-olds use A Beka Book curriculum. A Beka Book is a faith based curriculum created by A Beka Book Inc. affiliated with Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL 32523.