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Seek First the Kingdom of God 

Posted by Admin Saturday, May 15, 2010 10:09:40 PM

When I became a Christian, one of the first passages of scripture shared with me was Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God…”  And in the beginning for me that meant to be fully committed to the attendance of mentorship, Wednesday night bible class, Devotional, and Sunday services.  As I continue to grow in Christ I have become aware of the fact that church attendance is only beginning to scratch the surface of what it means to “Seek first the kingdom of God.”  What I have grown to understand is that seeking first the kingdom means that I am called to put the Church and her interests above my own interests. Although it seems we have a built in compass that only points to "me", our true purpose in Christ is to serve others.  When I focus on my needs, it only causes me to worry which leads to stress, anxiety and a quick death (Matthew 6:27). My true blessing on this side of heaven is that I do not have to be stressed out about my life, about what I shall eat or what I shall drink; or about my body, what clothes I shall wear. We can continue this list of possible worries with where I will live, what school I will attend, who I will marry, etc.  Life or should I say the purpose of life is much more important than these things. Instead of being focused on myself, God has taught me that He will take care of me and my needs as I seek first His kingdom.  So as I decide where to live it should be a place in which the church will benefit.  The school that I attend, and the schedule I choose should be a blessing to the church. The person I choose to marry should be my partner in building God's kingdom.  I have decided that everything I do I want it to be done while seeking first the kingdom of God.  Knowing that He is taking care of me frees my mind and gives me peace so that I can fulfill His purpose for me and take care of His Church. Amen?


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